Open Expressions

‘One Day My Soul Just Opened Up’
by Gemmia L. Vanzant

“One day my soul just opened up and things started happenin’
things I can’t quite explain
I mean I cried and cried like never before
I cried tears of ten thousand mothers
I couldn’t even feel anything because
I cried ’til I was numb.

One day my soul just opened up
I felt this overwhelming pride
what I was proud of only God knows!
Like the pride of a hundred thousand fathers
basking in the glory of their newborn sons
I was grinnin’ from ear to ear!

One day my soul just opened up
I started laughing
and I laughed for what seemed like forever
wasn’t nothin’ particularily funny goin’ on
but I laughed anyhow
I laughed the joy of a million children playin’ in the mud
I laughed ’til my sides ached
Oh God! It felt so good!

One day my soul just opened up
There were revelations, annihilations, and resolutions
feelings of doubt and betrayal, vengeance and forgiveness
memories of things I’d seen and done before
of places I’d been, although I didn’t know when
there were lives I’d lived
people I’d loved
battles I’d fought
victories I’d won
and wars I’d lost.

One day my soul just opened up
and out poured all the things
I’d been hiding and denying
and living through
that had just happened moments before.

One day my soul just opened up
and I decided
I was good and ready!
I was good and ready
to surrender
my life
to God.

So, with my soul wide open,
I sat down
wrote Her a note
and told her so.’

Got a poem like the one I just shared but too afraid to read it out loud- Open Soul the column has you covered. It doesn’t matter if you wrote it our you found it somewhere: poety is universal. Send it to us and who know you may just see it right here in Couture Weekly.

Re – View!
– Ever been to a part and thought “OMG this is hot and my friends need to be here” or “OMG Tacky to the MAX”. Re – View will take review on parties from a different level. We’re giving you all angles of the story – He Says, She Says and maybe what the Promoter Says. Look Out were comming to an event near you!


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