In everything giving THANKS!! By Stacy Jarrett

3 Jul

Last friday night was another amazing day in my life. I got a tattoo ‘clarity’, the Oasis family switched it on me with a surprise party, complete with a Couture Elements cake; we finally got a camcorder so we can record and share our Open Soul sessions and other activities. Unbelievable…dreams come through.
Its been six months since Ciline Morris and I embarked on our dream of a better Jamaica, one where our motto, the best in the world, ‘out of many one people’ is respected and afforded to all people, and all are allowed to positively participate in it.
Homosexuality is like the ‘Archilles’ Heel’ of our sweet Jamaica, labelled the most homophobic place on earth, and we acknowledge that all is cause and effect, and that we have equal responsibility in the cause and should have equal responsibility in the effect.
Our responsibility is the Oasis, a refreshing, renewing and supportive experience for LGBT Jamaicans, the intended effect: achieving the vision of a change in the gay community FIRST, where we recreate family and support each other, leading to a change in our country…where our motto ‘OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE’ becomes what we are about, eventually infecting the world with our positivity in the same way we have infected it with our music, sports and culture.
We are very aware that this will not happen immediately or even without issues, and so the personal motto is LEVEL UP…stage by stage…always aspiring to be better than before. We are happy to say…the change is coming baby
Oasis family: You are the bed of this vision. Thank you sooooo much for adopting it and supporting us when we feel like we want to give up. Thanks for our gift of the camcorder last night at our surprise ‘appreciation’ party, the revolution will be televised and archived, as we record this change.
Thanking the universe for the systems and people that will support this vision through to its fruition.


One Response to “In everything giving THANKS!! By Stacy Jarrett”

  1. Latoya Thug-loving July 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    we are preparing our minds…. for the revolution.. (thugs)

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